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Flex Scope

Surgical Instrument & Accessory Repair

OEM Medical Solutions offers the repair of surgical instruments and accessories, including general surgical instruments, surgical headlamps, hoses, cables, forceps, surgical power equipment, ultrasound probes, Olympus™ Endoeye, and video cameras.

Proper care and handling of your endoscopes will ensure safe patient care and increase the longevity of your equipment.

OEM can help by objectively reviewing your facilities’ reprocessing and storage practices and implementing the best practices for the care and handling of your endoscopic instruments.

OEM’s ScopeSmart Program includes annual, semi-annual, or quarterly Preventative Maintenance Inspections to keep your scopes in top working order. OEM will

  • Identify minor failures before they become major repairs
  • Identify repair trends and offer prevention solutions
  • Identify inventory needs to improve capabilities and meet the needs of caseloads
  • Offer in-service training on the Care & Handling of Flexible Endoscopes