Vytis Shield is a durable nano-coating that you cannot see or smell and leaves no residue on your surfaces.  Vytis Shield Anti-Microbial Coatings provide passive protection to disease and pathogens in your space, with healthcare-grade protection.  

The Vytis Shield Infection Prevention System is a hospital proven to reduce bio-burden on surfaces by 99.13% with long lasting efficacy, aiming to lower the risk of transmission of organisms in Facilities, and allowing Operations to continue without changing protocol, or retraining of staff. 

​Vytis Shield helps to close the gap where cross-contamination occurs, keeping the environment protected between cleanings and hand washing and sanitizing.  Our System includes a combination of technologies implemented throughout the Hospital, or your Facility. 

​OEM / Vytis Shield technicians apply a variety of coatings to modify surfaces so that environmental bio-burden is significantly reduced.  Each coating applied uses its own unique technology to get the results our Vytis Shield Coatings are known for. 



Our hospital grade disinfectant is EPA registered to effectively kill organisms including viruses, bacteria, yeasts, mold and SARS-CoV-2.


Surface Coatings

A disinfected surface is only clean until it comes in contact with the next particle or contaminant. Our Surface Coatings continue to provide a 99.13% reduction of bio-burden on all treated surfaces for up to one year, with hospital proven results.


Sustained Results

Prior to Vytis Shield application, baseline testing can be performed to analyze your existing conditions. Within two to four weeks, we will are able to perform post-treatment testing to show the measurable impact Vytis Shield has made in your facility, hospital, or school.