Biomedical Equipment Repair

biomed solutions

OEM offers a range of biomedical services — from responsive, on-demand, and in-house support — supporting medical equipment inspections, preventive maintenance, and repair.

OEM is a local presence that can support your every-day technical requirements as well as emergency needs. Our Biomedical Technicians know regulatory requirements, have access to manufacturer’s parts, and have training on general biomedical equipment, specialty beds, surgical tables, c-arms, anesthesia machines, and diagnostic imaging systems. We will provide you with the documentation you need for preventative maintenance compliance.

  • Hourly Rates
  • Regular Preventative Maintenance
  • Electrical Outlet Testing
  • Annual/Semi-Annual
  • AHO/AAAHC & AAMI Standards and Safety Inspections
  • Calibration & Accuracy Checks
  • Defibrillator/AED Inspections
  • Inventory Audits
  • Equipment Value Management
  • Onsite Staffing Solutions

Supplemental Biomedical staffing by a qualified technician provides regular onsite support for short-term and long-term assignments. Reducing your team’s burden enables them to focus on higher-value equipment and the constant flow of new medical technologies.