Optik View 2MP SC 2612

Optic View 26″ Color Surgical Display

Optik View 26″ display also offers optional features like HD-SDI and RGBS inputs enabling not only the latest technology but also providing backwards compatibility so the user will have a consistent, reliable functionality that can adapt to diverse medical environments, supporting PIP (Picture In Picture) and PAP (Picture And Picture) applications for dual imaging Ultrasound, PACS, and Surgical Camera. It has UL60601-1 and other major international certifications for safety and quality assurance.

Optik View 55 inch SC 5512

Slim LED Backlight Surgical Grade Monitor

Optik View 55″ FHD surgical medical display LCD monitor conforms to major international medical certifications for safety and quality assurance while providing crisp, clear 1920 x 1080 resolution.  The 55″ monitor also offers multi interfaces like 3G SDI, HDMI, Display Port and BNC inputs enabling not only the latest technology but also providing backwards compatibility so the user will have a consistent, reliable functionality that can adapt to diverse medical environments.  IPX1 sealed front with AR glass, along with fan-less, vent-less back cover, makes this the perfect monitor for the surgical operating room.

FSN 26” MON-026-LED

Fully Compatible with Today’s Medical Video Providers

FSN monitors have the ability to clamp down the visible color spectrum, ensuring that doctors see exactly what they expect to see. Each display is calibrated to well known surgical color preferences. In addition, fine tune adjustments can be made at any time.  Our complete medical monitor selection offers functionality, reliability, and all major inputs: DVI, VGA, Component, Composite, S-video, SOG, HDSDI and fiber. Picture-in-picture, picture-by-picture, zoom, swap images, pan, OSD lock and freeze functions can be controlled from the keypad located on the front of each display.

Medical-Grade Monitors

Panasonic Medical Grade Certified Full HD Monitors for the Surgical Suite

Panasonic medical-grade 2D and 3D monitors provide superior HD capabilities with stereoscopic features to produce sharp, accurate and bright images from endoscopic cameras, PACS, C-arms and other surgical imaging devices and cameras. They are available in 26, 32 (2D & 3D) and 37-inch class screen sizes and integrate easily into the OR control and equipment management systems. The available 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution enables them to take advantage of higher-resolution cameras and image sources to provide surgeons withsuperior HD medical imaging for a broad range of clinical applications and configuration needs.