GS70 Salus

Setting the Standard for Safety in the OR

Meet the Guardian Series, the next generation of surgical tables from Skytron. The GS70 Salus was designed with staff and patient security in mind. Named after Salus, the Roman goddess of safety and well-being, the GS70 operates under that pretense with its unique features by keeping the OR Team informed and safe before, during, and after surgery.

6702 Hercules

Giving Operating Rooms the Ability To Do More

The 6702 Hercules is the strongest table in the market. The impressive 1,200 lb lift capacity makes the 6702 an ideal solution for bariatric cases. Hercules provides patient safety with its 210° top rotation, eliminating the need to reverse the patient on the table all while allowing access to all surgical staff.

3603 UltraSlide

More Top Slide and Power in One Table

Take the work out of imaging. Offering the most top-slide in the industry, the 3603 UltraSlide also offers the lowest table height at 20.5 inches. Surgical positioning has never been easier with the removable back and leg section allowing for easy and efficient accessory attachment.

3503 EZ Slide

Convenient and Comfortable Imaging Access

Featuring convenient top slide and the highest table height in our portfolio, the 3503 EZ Slide is designed with the surgical team in mind. Imaging and surgical access are easy with 21″ of top slide, allowing for movement of the patient through the imaging window with just the click of a button. Featuring our highest table height, the 3503 EZ Slide gives comfortable working access to a broad range of specialties.

6302 Elite

Value-Driven Efficiency for Every Procedure

The 6302 Elite surgical table provides up to 210° top rotation, allowing you to easily maneuver your patient according to imaging requirements, anesthesia access and positioning preferences. This rotation eliminates the need to reverse the patient on the table, thereby improving patient and staff safety in the OR. Unlike other top rotation tables available in today’s market, the 6302’s surface turns independently of the table base, giving you maximum foot room and imaging access.

3008 Clarity

Carbon Fiber Imaging Table With Longitudinal and Lateral Top Slide

The 3008 Clarity Imaging Table is equipped with a full 83″ carbon fiber top with 65″ of unobstructed imaging. With its float-top technology, a patient up to 500 pounds can effortlessly be moved throughout the imaging window at an easily controlled speed.

1602 Essentia

Surgical Table With 180 Degree Top Rotation

Skytron’s unique tabletop rotation of the 1602 Essentia allows for better surgical/imaging access by rotating the table away from the base. Expect higher productivity, safety and lower cost of downtime and ongoing component replacement.