Aurora Four Series

Putting the Surgical Team In Control of Illumination

Now featuring a larger spot size and intensity up to 160,000 lux, the Aurora Four surgical lights bring crisp, deep-cavity illumination to any procedure. With unique reflector technology, the lights dramatically minimize shadows that obscure visibility of the surgical site.

Featuring focus control from the center sterile handle, seeing precise detail no longer means repositioning the lighthead, adjusting the spot size or leaving the sterile field. The focal point adjusts according to the surgical team’s preference – with only one twist of the handle.

Skytron puts the clinician in control with the option to choose between a warmer or cooler color temperature based on the procedure type. Integration with booms, flat-screen displays and HD cameras make the Aurora Four surgical light a versatile solution.

Stellar XL Series

High Value Surgical Lighting with High-Tech Capabilities

Well-suited for any surgical application, the Stellar XL light delivers advanced focusability and optimal shadow control to the operating room. The Stellar XL offers the ideal balance of features and value – whether updating outdated technology or outfitting a new space.

Featuring a 27” range of total focusable depth, the Stellar XL’s focal point can be easily fine-tuned with the center sterile handle – without moving the lighthead itself.

Each of the high-intensity LED is suspended upward-facing in its cradle, allowing the vertically segmented reflector (VSRD) to redirect overlapping rays down to the surgical field. The result is 2,000+ beams of light that converge into a continuous column.

Procedure/Exam Lighting

Suspension System that Offers 360 Degree Rotation at Every Joint

The Skytron TR-7 Series brings revolutionary LED technology to exam and procedure lighting. With its advanced thermal management system, integrated  dimming controls, brilliant light output, and compact housing, the TR-7 meets the stringent requirements of both hospital designers and practitioners.

Featuring seven LEDs with unique vertically segmented reflectors, the Spectra exam light delivers crisp illumination with reduced shadows.

In addition to the brilliant spot, caregivers will enjoy the flexible positioning and drift-free stability – bringing confidence and fewer hassles to any patient exam. 

Recessed Lighting

Simple LED Strobe-Guided Positioning Allows Caregivers to Focus on the Patient

The Lucina 4 is perfect for bringing simple operation and flexible positioning to any clinical environment, helping keep healthcare spaces open and free of ceiling mounted equipment conflicts.  Featuring Skytron exclusive strobe-guided technology, the Lucina 4 positioning wand ensures that the light and caregiver remain focused on the patient.

Guide the light beam to the targeted location with a click of a button.  Available in configurations ranging from one to four lights, the Lucina 4 wand controls positioning and on/off of all lights simultaneously.  Combined with Skytron’s segmented reflector design the Lucina 4 produces brilliant, color correct lighting for a variety of clinical settings.