New Skytron Salus GS70

The G-Series accessories were designed specifically for use on all Skytron G-Series surgical tables. When an accessory is attached to the leg section, the table will automatically recognize the unique dimensions of the accessory and will prevent any collisions with the floor or the table base. Skytron G-Series accessories are only for use on Skytron model G-Series tables and are not compatible with older model tables.

Safety for Staff and Patients
The accessories are made of high-quality materials and are tested and verified for use on Skytron tables.

Less Damages, More Savings
With the G-Series smart technology, the table can alert staff before a potential accident can occur.

Easy to Move
Made with carbon fiber materials, the GS70 accessories are lightweight making it easier to attach and remove accessories from the table.

GS70 Guardian Series