Announcement of Larry Matz’s Retirement

Please join us in extending best wishes to Larry Matz, who is retiring after a successful career in the medical device industry.

Over the past year, Larry has been an integral part of OEM Medical Solutions’ acquisition of Destiny Surgical, LLC and its transition to represent Skytron, LLC in Maryland and Washington, DC.

Larry, thank you for your assistance and guidance during this transition. Your knowledge and expertise in the medical equipment field has been an invaluable resource.

Careers take us down many different paths. We are all thankful that for a time, that path was here at OEM. We wish you a happy life ahead. Enjoy the next chapter in your life. Happy retirement!

OEM Skytron Team:
Ted Honeywell, Principal
[email protected]

Michael Milan, Executive Sales Manager
[email protected]

Josh Mills, Field Service Manager
[email protected]

Christa Bowen, Administrative Assistant
[email protected]