Our ExperTech system allows us to custom build our service programs that address your unique needs.
Our programs help guarantee the success and profitability of your facility through total management of your capital equipment. With 75 years of combined technical and industry experience, let OEM be your first step towards success. We look forward to being your medical equipment solutions partner.
www.oemmed.com Check out the new OEM Medical Solutions LLC website.  we're improving our web presence to better serve the needs of our clients.
Oem can help you save money by maintaining your current equipment.
Our real world solutions are designed with you in mind.  We specialize in helping our clients meet the demands of running a healthcare facility by providing fast, efficient, and guaranteed service.  We can help you extend the life of your current equipment or replace aging or non working equipment at competitive prices.
Not sure exactly what you need for your facility?  That's never a problem for OEM.  We can review your current equipment inventory and provide you with a detailed analysis of how you can improve your capital equipment cost effectiveness by introducing our proven strategies into your organization for maintaining and/or upgrading your equipment in a way that makes the most sense for our individual needs.
OEM can help you find cost effective options when it's time to replace your aging or outdated equipment.
OEM now offers our partners real time access to a list of all equipment currently in our inventory warehouse.
We offer fast professional installation of the equipment that we sell.  When it's time to replace your equipment or bring in new equipment, our professionals can install, certify and get you up and running with as little down time as possible. Our installations and equipment are completely guaranteed.