New Customer Special Offer
New Customers who enroll in the 90-day trial of OEM's Scope Service Plus Endoscopy Equipment Repair Program can also receive a $3,500.00 price cap on small diameter scope repairs, or a $3,200.00 price cap on large diameter flexible scope repairs.  Contact one of our friendly technicians for more information about this program.
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With over 75 years of combined Medical Equipment sales and service experience, we offer the knowledge and competence Necessary to help you manage your equipment needs in today’s rapidly changing Healthcare Industry.
For equipment you already own, our ExperTech® Preventative Maintenance System provides comprehensive coverage and maintenance.  We begin with a complete FREE on-site inspection and report, which details every piece of equipment and the services required – whether we perform the services or not!

Once you choose to send your equipment to our modern diagnostic and repair facility, we will efficiently and effectively complete your repair in the shortest time possible and deliver your equipment to you with another comprehensive diagnostic work order, so you know exactly what was done and why.  We cover all our repairs with an industry best 6 month repair warranty.

When it's time to finally replace your equipment or simply acquire new equipment, OEM is still there for you.
For equipment that you are purchasing, we offer very competitive prices on both new and Certified Pre-owned equipment.  All of our Certified ExperTech Pre-Owned equipment comes complete and ready to use with a 1 year Warranty.


OEM Medical Solutions, LLC.
OEM serves the specialized needs of medical facilities in the mid-Atlantic region.  With over 75 years of combined experience, we are uniquely qualified to address all of your medical equipment needs.